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This will provide you with information on how to have a more successful interview next time. Situational/behavioural Questions: • What 3 adjectives would you use to describe yourself and why? Have a back-up plan. What do you see yourself doing in five years? Try to avoid jargon. See the Competency-based applications and Competency-based interviews pages for more detailed help with this Candidate had a fizzy drink just before interview and spent the whole interview burping. Interviewing techniques tip 8: Boost your EC As we know, it’s not always the smartest person or the one with the most relevant skills that gets the job. Start off as a winner. Likewise, not really taking to someone usually just means that they were nervous, or said or did something that reminded you of someone you dislike or don’t get on with. If you listen during the interview and look for commonalities, they will seem omnipresent. website here

(WGEM) – If you or your recent graduate is looking for a job, a local organization wants to help. It’s all part of workforce development week in Illinois. Last month, the Department of Labor reported 380 thousand people were unemployed in Illinois.The Quincy Workforce Service Center isfocusing on resume building and interview skills. Workforce development Director Howard Kirchner says they work with people to build a good resume by looking at what they have done from work experience to volunteer work. They also help with job searching, and he see’s some common mistakes that are easily corrected. “They apply for one job that they know that they would like and they are really qualified for,” Kirchner said. “They kind of wait to see what happens with that job, in the meantime, there are a lot of other jobs out there posted that they could do very well and probably be very successful at.” Kirchner says they have seen a shift in online resumes and websites that employers prefer rather than a paper resume and cover letter. He says there’s an important skill that is often overlooked by first time job seekers and people looking for a different job after many years: interviewing. Kirchner says they will walk people through the interview process.

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